Product Reviews

What about the quality of the diesel watch?

Black-bottomed, gold edge, big dial, mechanical sense of both look, completely only the tough man can control, This is certainly the design inspiration that Europe and the United States fashion designer can find.

The main dial is conventional, with a 24-hour system, The nine and six o’clock directions are the minute hand and the second hand, the 3 o’clock direction is the calendar indication. The left side of the primary dial is the other three time zone tables, the time of different time zones is adjusted by the three crowns on the left, special reading ways, it should be in the form of a compass, take us all over the world.

Use Japanese quartz machine core, therefore the rear cover also can not see the mechanical watch transparent case, this watch use stainless steel material, full sense of texture.

The logo design is amazing. Three crowns on the right, the largest in the middle can be pulled out of two files, clockwise rotating to adjust the time and date of the dial. The next two buttons are used to control the start / pause and reset of the stopwatch. These layouts and forms are similar to our usual sports watches, so they are easy to use.

We can easy know it is a fashion brand through the outlook, It takes more courage to break the rules than to follow the rules.

The watch chain is made of stainless steel, like the sides of the case, the metal is bright and full of texture. The watch buckle is stainless steel folding type, the use of polish texture, makes it more comfortable.

Black-bottomed, gold edge, 57mm width and 14mm thickness of the dial, suitable for the energetic people, regardless of the color of skin, the effect is outstanding.

The watch is brightly under the sunshine, the watch band can be used to adjust the wear size. Of course, friends who can use this watch, I think it’s enough to break down two more sections.

It is really big when you get close to it, it brings you great impact suddenly, but it is amazing in a distance look.

Advantages: Fashion! The design of this watch is very motivating, it seems to bring you back to the vitality of youth, remind yourself all the time to be young, to be passionate, to love sports, to love challenges. Multi time zone design tells you that the world is big. It is not only telling you the time, but also inspiring you to go over the world.

Disadvantages: afraid of uncontrolling, A bit smaller, maybe more customers. A watch of such a texture, grade waterproofing.