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How to deal with the old phones? Just one minute, from intelligent recovery robot detects to payout.

With the rapid upgrading of electronic products, how to deal with old mobile phones has become a headache for many people. Some online-and off-line recycling platforms, such as evaluation, valuation, payment and other cumbersome processes, are a waste of time. An intelligent mobile phone recycling robot is a surprise.

The robot, called “EPBox”, which will replace manual recycling, has been developed and launched by Guangzhou Green Technology. It can be used to evaluate, recycle, pay for and clean mobile phones in a one-stop manner. The company is reported to have developed and tested the intelligent recycling robot for five years. It plans to release more than 20,000 pics nationwide this year, while the regions that have been deployed are mainly in Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi’an and other cities.

The mobile phone recycling robot looks more like an ATM, where consumers connect their phones to a data cable and put them in a test bin, and EPBox can scan the phone, give a report and reclaim the price. If consumers agree on the price, they can collect money through Alipay, WeChat, or even various convertibility methods. It is reported that the whole process takes only 1 minute.

The recycling robot can not only create a transparent market for recycling, but also not split phones or contact with user information in the process of recycling, which can effectively protect the information security that consumers are worried about.